If you are attempting to lower your risk for needing varicose vein treatment, or at least delay the inevitable, one of the most important steps you can take is to reduce your salt intake. here’s why in a nutshell. Eating too much salt increases your blood volume, which in turn puts extra pressure on your veins. This in turn puts more stress on vein walls and vein valves. Under these conditions, your veins are much more apt to become varicose veins and you’re more apt to need varicose vein treatment. The same type of blood volume increase occurs in women who are pregnant.

But why does this happen? Why does the blood volume increase when you eat too much salt? It has to do with the kidneys and how they regulate the sodium levels in your body. Sodium is one of the most important electrolytes in the human body and it must be kept at the right concentration for the body to function properly. Your kidneys serve this all important function. If you eat too much salt, in order to lower the sodium concentration in and around your cells back down to normal, the kidneys retain more water. Since blood is mostly water by volume, this increases the amount of blood circulating in your body.

So, if you want to avoid, or at least delay, varicose vein treatment, you’ll need to make sure you don’t overindulge on seriously salty foods like soy sauce, pretzels, pickles, and many pre-prepared frozen, canned, or boxed highly processed foods. In particular, processed meats like hot dogs and sausages contain very high levels of salt. Most snack foods, including snack foods that we tend to think of as more sugary than salty, like store bought cookies and candy, tend to be absolutely loaded with salt so these should be avoided or greatly reduced.

One easy way to lower your sodium levels automatically without even thinking about it much is to switch from regular table salt, a highly processed form of sea salt, to pink Himalayan salt. While a teaspoon of regular table salt contains 2300 milligrams of sodium, pink Himalayan salt contains only 1700 milligrams of sodium. This is about a twenty-six percent decrease in sodium. You can get the same effect if you switch to “Real Salt” which is salt mined from an ancient sea bed in Utah. You may also find that the taste of pink Himalayan salt and Real Salt is so superior in taste than normal table salt (highly processed), you’ll find yourself naturally using less.

It may sound silly to you but cooking more at home, rather than eating out or bringing home take out food, can be a form of natural varicose vein treatment. When you prepare your own meals, you can very easily control how much salt you add to your food. It’s also true that most people don’t tend to add as much salt to their food as restaurants. For example, if you scramble your own eggs in the morning, you can add no salt or very little salt. Most home chefs will use far less salt n their eggs than say the salt found in the egg portion  of a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit served from McDonalds (not to mention the high salt content in the bacon, cheese, and biscuit!). Likewise, homemade soup tends to have far less sodium than does can soup or soup you buy from the take out deli.

If you must eat out, look for low sodium options on the menu or try to select items where you can control the salt content yourself. For example, if you order the salad bar, you can usually find many low salt options. Many health food stores and food co-ops now offer hot food bars and salad bars which can be a healthier, lower salt, option when you eat out with friends and family. You can also order your eggs prepared with no salt and bring in your own small shaker of pink Himalayan salt or Real Salt to sprinkle on yourself.

If you are concerned about your veins, and want to know if you could benefit from varicose vein treatment, you can get a free check up of your veins at Metro Vein Centers, a clinic that specializes in varicose vein treatment. You do not need a doctor’s referral to schedule this free vein evaluation. Simply call one of Metro Vein Centers’ many locations and schedule an appointment at your convenience. They can also help you navigate the paperwork you’ll need to submit in order to get your insurance to pay for the varicose vein treatment you need.

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