Hans Christian Andersen once said, “to travel is to live,” and he was right. Experiencing new adventures and wandering the world can be the most-rewarding thing you ever do. If you happen to be one of those lucky few with plenty of money to burn and time to spare, check out at least one of these outrageously expensive, but exciting adventures during your lifetime.

One word of advice, however, because these journeys are so expensive, it is important to find travel insurance from a well-respected provider. Even the Australian government considers travel insurance for your holiday as necessary as having a passport.

Most travel insurance policies will cover the cost of your holiday if you should have to cancel for medical or other reasons. They will also typically cover the cost of hospitalisation if you should happen to get injured on vacation. Many companies offer very reasonably priced policies, and as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade states, “If you can’t afford cheap travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.” Of course, if you are considering one of these pricey vacations, then it is probably likely that you have the funds needed to purchase the proper coverage.

Safari in Botswana

Botswana has a reputation for being one of the most-expensive and best safari destinations in Africa. Instead of trying to lure in hoards of budget tourists into its country, the Botswana government has decided to cater to fewer high-paying customers. Instead of having amazing wildlife surrounded by multiple jeeps all angling for a better look, travellers in Botswana can frequently enjoy watching wildlife in near solitude.

Botswana boasts a number of luxurious tented-camp experiences that allow travellers to go on safari without having to “rough it.” Most camps are located in unspoilt and remote areas in the Okavango Delta and the Savute, which can only be reached by charter flights, another reason why safaris usually cost more in Botswana than in other African countries.

Rent a Private Island

If you really want to impress your friends, why not rent your own private island for your next holiday? Even better, why not rent the ultimate island? Necker Island, which is owned by Sir Richard Branson of Virgin, has enjoyed being the site of a number of celebrity getaways, including David and Victoria Beckham, Oprah Winfrey and even Princess Diana. This beautiful British Virgin Islands destination costs approximately $43,779 a night to rent and can accommodate from 16 to 28 guests.

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For many world travellers, stepping on Antarctica’s frozen ground means that they can finally check off visiting all the continents from their bucket lists. There is a reason why it’s usually the last continent to get knocked off the list, however. For most people, Antarctica is arguably the hardest and most-expensive continent to visit.

Luckily, for travellers who want to make the trip in luxury, there are a number of cruise lines that promise five-star accommodations and food on their trips to the frozen south. These trips are definitely not cheap. For instance, a luxury cabin on the Orion ship can range in price from the $16,500 to over $44,000 per person for a 21-day cruise. Because weather can be such a factor for a pricey trip to Antarctica, a travel insurance policy is a must-have.

Most Expensive Hotel in the World

Travellers who want to boast that they’ve spent time in the most expensive hotel room in the world need to hop on a plane to Switzerland, where they can stay in the President Wilson Hotel’s Royal Penthouse Suite. This suite, which takes up the entire top floor of the hotel, boasts four bedrooms and overlooks Lake Geneva. The cost? A mere $63,000 per night.

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