Now that you’ve got your travel blog – what do you put on it? Should you just start posting any old thing? Maybe, that might work – possibly, I mean it could – but it probably won’t. What you want to do is take a systematic approach to making your blog the best it can be. Start from the beginning and don’t be tempted to take shortcuts or you might end up with nothing more than a huge waste of time.

Creating a good travel blog means understanding the importance of providing quality content and the several ways you can go about getting into the heads of your readers to help them find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

Simplify their online life.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the online world is filled with clutter. Even with search engines, it is becoming harder and harder to find exactly what it is that you are looking for. The travel world is no different.

We’ve all looked something up that seems like it would be easy to find, only to spend the next twenty minutes (or two hours) wading through digital garbage to get to it. Go ahead search for ‘cheap flights’ – see what I mean?

The truth is that people are looking for a better way to find what it is they are looking for. It doesn’t matter if it is a piece of travel gear, a guide service, or hotel discounts.

My point is that you are spending your time well if you are thinking about what your readers are looking for and what types of website they are searching for.

Stay current.

No matter what your primary travel topic, there is something new happening in it. There are new developments in travel every day, new travel products, new travel websites, and new travel gurus – aren’t you going to be one of them?

Your readers may not be aware of these changes and if you can be the first to inform them you will be taking the initial steps in creating the resource they turn to first for new travel information. You might even be the person they turn to when they want to figure out where they will take their next trip.

Spending a little time keeping yourself up to date allows you to be the person who keeps your readers up to date. Now that is valuable!

Be a host.

Ideally, you will not only be the resource to find travel solutions and answers, provide guidance and updates on destinations and trips, and explain the relevance of travel industry changes. In addition to all of this, you also want your blog to become the place where people gather and meet one another.

By providing comment policies that allow interaction, creating forums, and encouraging interaction you are providing a space where content can be created and shared beyond what you alone are able to do yourself. Don’t ignore the social media web!

Maybe there isn’t an online space for people just like you yet (solo travel with my cat around the world) , maybe you have ideas about how to provide a better virtual space than already exists. If you can provide it, they may just come.

Have fun too!

Even the most serious travellers enjoy the opportunity to let go of the serious side once in a while.

Allow yourself to occasionally poke fun at travel. Bring in something that is purely for entertainment from time to time.

All work and no play makes for a dull website and you can’t expect people to flock there unless you provide at least a bit of a chance to escape from a life that most find tedious at times. That’s why they want to travel – to escape that tedium!


What all of this comes down to is that you need to spend some time thinking about who your readers are and what it is they need.

The more you are able to provide for their travel needs, the more you will find them returning to your site, spreading the word about you, and interacting in the community that you are facilitating.

And that leads us to the hardest (and most enjoyable part). You’ve figured out what it is that your readers need, what questions they are asking, what problems they are looking for solutions to…

Now…can you provide what it is they are looking for?

I know that you can.

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