Beauty care treatments are today a far cry from what they were even a couple of decades back thanks to state of the art laser IPL machines. Procedures like skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatments in Australia required extensive surgical intervention and extended downtime and recuperation periods. Today, most of these treatment on IPL machines in top clinics and spas in this country are completed in under an hour and the patient can get back to routine duties almost immediately after. Whether is Melbourne or Sydney or Perth or any other city or town in Australia, the demand for sophisticated beauty treatments has witnessed exponential growth in recent times.

Benefits of installing IPL laser machines

What then are these laser IPL machines and what benefits do they bring to you as a salon and spa owner in Australia? A look at the features of IPL (Intense Pulse Light) machines will help explain better why well known clinics are offering advanced treatments on these devices.

  • Range of Treatments On One Device – One IPL machine offers multiple treatment opportunities ranging from various skin rejuvenation processes to permanent hair removal. Hence a onetime investment in a machine gives high returns immediately after installation.
  • Space Saver – Since you can offer multiple treatment options on one machine to clients, you save space as there is no need to buy various machines for separate procedures. If you are installing a machine for the first time, your other services will not be hampered.
  • Flexibility of Scale – Laser IPL machines is available in a range of models and sizes and you will always get one that matches your requirements. For example, if you are starting off in this field of advanced treatments, you can opt for a small desk top model that of course is not short on power or performance. Once your business starts to pick up and you see that the appointments book is always full, you can switch to larger standard floor models. These machines are fast and drastically reduce treatment times and hence you can easily cater to larger business volumes and demand.


Before installing these machines however, you should ensure that what you buy is of the highest quality. This is because treatment on this equipment is complex and subpar machines can have adverse side effects on clients. This will damage your reputation in the industry. Hence it is advisable to buy machines from the best suppliers only.

In Australia you can depend on Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre for top of the line equipment. The company is one of the leading importers and distributors of technologically advanced laser IPL machines in Australia, sourcing the equipment from well known manufacturers from around the world. Further, the company will also train your staff on backup machines similar to one purchased by you so that they are well trained and know all the complexities of these machines. Again, all IPL machines sold by the company are included in the Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods. This will help to get insurance coverage for your machine from a reputed insurance company.

An example of the advantages of using the best IPL machines sourced from reputed suppliers is Melbourne Laser and Aesthetic Centre. It is a well known beauty care salon that is today setting benchmarks of excellence as industry leaders in the beauty care salon and spa sector.

Advanced treatments on laser IPL machines in Australia

Some of the advanced treatments that can be carried out on state of the art IPL laser machines are –

  • Permanent Hair Removal – With laser IPL machines, razors, epilators and waxing creams are a thing of the past. The treatment is simple and each session is usually completed in less than an hour depending on the area being treated. A hand held device that emits laser beams of light is held above the skin. The beams enter the surface and are absorbed by melanin which is the pigment that gives hair its colour. Since melanin is situated at the root of hairs, burning out melanin also destroys the hair follicle. However, laser treatments are successful only on growing hair and hence a number of sessions are required for total and complete permanent hair removal. For more details visit  to truly understand the intricacies of permanent hair removal on IPL machines.


  • Skin Rejuvenation – A wide range of skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing processes can be carried out on IPL machines. This include removal of fine lines and wrinkles, frown lines, acne marks and birth and coffee spots. The machines are also optimised for treatments of vascular lesions, pigmentation and photo rejuvenation. Here too, laser beams targeted at the area being treated enter the surface and boost production of collage, the protein in the body that is responsible for taut and elastic skin texture. After a number of sessions, the skin takes on a fresh and young look.


  • Tattoo Removal – Studies have shown that 30% of Australians have tattoos on them and that about 1 in 3 have regretted it later. Tattoo removal in the past was always painful, being literally scraped off the skin with chemicals and other similar substances. Today it is a breeze with laser IPL machines. Laser beams are targeted at the tattoo. Vibrating at nanoseconds, the laser beams enter the skin and break up the ink into tiny fragments. These are then disposed off by the body’s natural systems.


It requires a number of sessions for a tattoo to be totally removed. Red, orange and fluorescent coloured tattoos are comparatively difficult to remove than the usual black and the blues and require more number of sessions. Once a tattoo is completely removed and the skin around that area has fully healed, another tattoo can be done on the same place.

The beauty sector in Australia is growing at a very fast rate due to the proliferation of beauty salons and spas that have advanced IPL laser machines. What has added to the demand is that prices for treatments in most cities and towns are now within the reach of the common person.

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