Holding a hens and bucks night together is becoming increasingly popular, especially in Brisbane. They are a great way to have a party together with your loved one to celebrate your impending nuptials and they are also ideal for those who have friends of the opposite sex, who would typically be banned from the traditional hens or bucks party. Plus, because you are not having two separate parties, it means that you can afford to go a bit bigger and better. Here are some combined hens and bucks party ideas Brisbane.

Assault Course

So, you’ll need a fairly active group of people to make this activity work but perhaps those unable to take part would be happy to watch and join in the laughs or at least meet you in the bar later on. An assault course is a great way to promote bonding, if you can help your friends and family come together ready for your big day it will just make everything easier for you. So, why not mix teams up and have a group of the bride’s friends and the groom’s friends on each team and encourage them to really work together. There will be so many laughs that all awkwardness will soon be forgotten. Plus, you will all be ready for the bar once you’ve finished, where you can make even more memories.

Escape Room

Escape rooms can be tense but are also incredibly fun. You could have this as an activity during the day and then perhaps enjoy a meal and a big night out afterwards. You could even turn it into a competition if you wanted to, with perhaps a bride’s team and a groom’s team. Maybe both teams could attempt to escape from the same room and see who does it in the quickest time with the losing team having to perform a forfeit in the evening. Brisbane has some really great escape rooms and you could choose from a variety of themes, you’d be on to a winner with this activity.

Boat Cruise

A boat cruise is an ideal way to enjoy a joint hens and bucks night in Brisbane. You can get all of your favourite people, put them on one boat and spend an evening enjoying a party atmosphere alongside the stunning backdrop of the beautiful Brisbane River. There are many companies offering party cruises in Brisbane, so you really are spoilt for choice and you can easily put together the type of party that will work for you and your partner. Why not have some Brisbane’s bikini waitresses or topless waitresses serving your drinks to ramp up the fun a little bit?


Normally one of the chosen activities used for guys to celebrate bucks parties in Brisbane, what would be the harm in having a bit of fun and inviting both a male and female stripper to a joint hens and bucks night? I mean, it can be funny to watch someone receive their own personal strip-tease and strippers are generally very good at having the stag and hen perform some kind of humiliating task. Plus, if you go to the entertainment agencies and book the stripper for your partner you will have full control over who arrives on the day. If you are in the market for a bit of adult party entertainment, booking a stripper for each other might be right up your street and it will certainly give the best man fodder for his speech.

Cocktail Making Classes

Wouldn’t a cocktail making class with all your nearest and dearest be so much fun? There are plenty of places in Brisbane where you can go and learn the trade from professional mixologists before having a go at your own creations. It’s a really great, inclusive activity because there are no actual physical requirements, plus it can be a great way to break the ice between friends and family of the bride or groom who might not have met each other before. They’ll be best friends before the wedding, which will give you less to worry about on the big day. There’s no need to worry about those who don’t drink either, a virgin cocktail is just as much fun to make.

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