When lovers of travel, adrenaline and action write their bucket lists, one destination comes up again and again:


Even among those who aren’t adrenaline addicts, the South Asian country amid the backdrop of the breathtaking Himalayas is an eternal talking point for anyone who has visited.  There’s the world’s tallest mountains including Mount Everest.  There are the gorgeous rivers, jungles, lakes and glaciers.  Then there are the staggeringly friendly people, the amazing wildlife, the delicious cuisine, and the cultural highlights and spirituality.

But for the bona fide adrenaline junkie, Nepal’s outlet for extreme action and unprecedented adventure is the undisputed highlight of this fascinating place.

Got 7 days to spare?  How’s this for the ultimate week of Nepal adrenaline:

Monday – Climb a mountain

It’s no surprise that for those who like to climb tall things, they flock in droves to Nepal – commonly referred to as the Roof of the World and one of the best places on the planet for trekking.

New trekking trails are constantly opened, and thousands of climbers and trekkers flock to Nepal each year – with Everest being the obvious highlight.  If you’re starting with Everest rather than another Nepalese monster, your run of the mill Nepal blog will probably recommend the Base Camp trek.  But if you really want to get your adrenaline pumping, try to join Edmund Hillary at 9,000 metres up., you’ll need more than just a lazy Monday to climb Everest, so start your trekking in Nepal with a single day adventure that will leave you with some energy to spare for Tuesday.


Tuesday – Leap into a gorge

If your climbing muscles are sore, give them a rest by strapping your feet to a cord and leaping into a 200 metre high tropical gorge with a wild river raging below.

Nepal is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world for bungee jumping, mainly because of the stunning scenery and amazing views on the way down … and then back up!  For the ultimate jump, head to The Bridge near the border with Tibet and experience what the ultimate 160 metre leap of faith feels like.

Wednesday – Go white water rafting

There are plenty of mountains, trails and gorges in Nepal – but there is also plenty of water.

Better still, there’s plenty of wild, powerful, raging water flowing down from the Himalayas – which is what you need for Wednesday’s white-knuckle, white water rafting.

Like almost nowhere else on earth are the rapids quite as twisting, turning and challenging as in Nepal, but there’s also something for the beginner with a little less experience.

Thursday – Take in a Jungle Safari

Behind all those landscapes and natural beauty lies a wild and wonderful world of Nepalese wildlife.

And for the chance to spot some of the most exotic of the creatures that dwell on this part of the planet, you’ll be heading into the spectacular tropical jungles.

It might seem quiet and sedate at first, but just wait until you’re on the back of an elephant and not separated by the bars of a zoo as you silently watch leopards, tigers and rhinos in their beautiful native habitats go about their lives.


Friday – Rock and ice climbing

Climbing muscles recovered from that mountain on Monday?  It’s time to go completely vertical.

Rock climbing enthusiasts flock to Nepal not only because of the spectacular scenery, but because of the varied and unique climbing options that await.  For instance, swap those rocks for some very warm clothing and ice and go ice-climbing – or take it a step further with waterfall ice-climbing.

The best waterfall to attempt is probably Kwangde – one of the longest in the entire world and undoubtedly the one with the most spectacular views.

Saturday – Go flying

Nepal may look amazing from the ground or the top of a high mountain peak, but arguably the best way to see it is up among the clouds.

Want to sample the top of Everest but don’t have time?  Take a mountain flight and see those snow peaks from a bird’s eye view.  One of the most amazing ways to take in this experience is from within a microlight aircraft – with the chilly wind in your face and your views unfettered.

Or for the ultimate adrenaline rush, get aboard a paraglider and get a taste of what life as an Everest-dwelling Nepalese hawk feels like.

Sunday – Return to Everest

Let’s finish our ultimate adrenaline-fuelled week in Nepal back where we started – at the base of Mt Everest.

But this time, we’re getting there not by trekking from the ground up, but by falling from a perfectly good plane in the skies.

Skydiving may be a favourite extreme sport the world over, but only in Nepal can you jump from a height of over 9,000 metres and take in the entire height and glory of the world’s tallest mountain in a single jump.

If you think a week of adventuring in Nepal isn’t enough, you’d be right.  Stay another few days, read another Nepal travel blog, and then try snow skiing, canyon swinging, zip-lining, hunting, mountain biking – and even more.

The adventures you can have in Nepal are endless, with the only limits being your imagination, your physical and mental fortitude, and your capacity to consume bucket loads of adrenaline.

This is guest post written by Adrenaline.

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