There has been a huge growth in demand the world over for beauty care treatments carried out on technologically advanced machines and devices. This is more so in Australia where the industry is currently expanding exponentially. Beauty salons and spas are springing up all over the country not only in major cities like Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra but in smaller towns and suburbs as well.

This is primarily due to two reasons.

The first is that treatments on cutting edge IPL machines in Australia are fast and convenient. Surgical interventions for anti-ageing treatments or skin rejuvenation procedures are carried out only in extreme and rare cases. Today, permanent hair removal sessions with laser IPL machines are done in under an hour in most cases and the patient can resume routine life immediately after. In fact people prefer to complete these sessions during the lunch hour and get back to office a changed and refreshed person – no downtime and no prolonged recuperation periods as in surgeries.

The second reason is that technological advancements have helped salons and spas offer quick treatments at reasonable charges. With more patients being treated in a day and with fast turnover times, clinic owners prefer to offer affordable rates to draw in larger number of patients. This increase in footfalls is leading to higher revenue and returns on investment on machines in spite of lower rates. The beneficiary is of course the common person in Australia who can now afford superior beauty care treatments that were not so long ago the exclusive preserve of the rich and the famous.


Most of these treatments are carried out on laser and IPL (Intense Pulse Light) machines that have revolutionised the beauty industry in Australia. Top of the line treatments include permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation procedures, tattoo removal and anti-ageing processes. Most importantly, these treatments are safe, painless and without any side effects. However, there is a rider here. The best results can only be expected from superior machines that are handled by trained technicians who are fully conversant with the complexities of the devices.

This is the primary reason why it is always advisable to buy the machines from top suppliers in Australia. An example is Universal IPL, one of the leading importers and distributors of technologically advanced laser IPL machines in the country. The company sources all its equipment from well known manufacturers only from around the world and hence all treatments on them give quality and assured results. The firm also offers extensive training to technicians of beauty salons who will be operating these machines.

There is another advantage for salon owners of buying IPL machines in Australia from reputed companies. There is always a range of machines on offer, ones that matches every need of the clinics. Those wanting to install an IPL machine for the first time can buy a lower priced and small desktop model which is of course not short on performance. Once business picks up and there is an increase in demand for IPL based treatments the owner can go over to a more powerful standard version of the same machine. Hence the ROI is always maximised for salon owners.

Here is a sample list of technologically advanced beauty care treatments in Australia.

Vascular Lesions

Vascular lesions are an increase in the number of blood vessels just below the surface of the skin on a specific area. Visible signs include port wine like stains, facial telangiectasias and Rosacea with redness, flushing and an outbreak of facial rash. It is thus natural that people find vascular lesions socially disabling.

The most effective treatment for this condition is carried out on laser machines. Long pulse ND: YAG laser beams penetrate 5-6mm under the skin and the energy is absorbed by the blood in the vein. This is converted to heat energy which destroys the vein walls. The ND: YAG laser reaches the underlying vascular feeding system too. This results in long term efficacy of the procedure. There are no side effect apart from some redness and swelling which disappears within a few days. The dead tissues of the damaged veins are disposed off by the body’s immune system while the healthy veins continue to supply blood to the treated area.


Apart from vascular lesions laser machines also treat a variety of skin blemishes such as acne marks and scars, coffee spots and birth marks and other signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles.

Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal is one of the greatest boons of development of laser IPL machines and the procedure that is most in demand in Australia. This is because the alternatives like use of razors, waxing creams and epilators offer temporary results and become a daily necessity apart from being painful.

In this treatment, laser beams are targeted at the area under treatment. These in turn enter the surface of the skin and are absorbed by melanin, the pigment lying at the root of hair follicles and which gives hair its colour. Light energy is transformed to heat energy and the melanin along with the hair is destroyed.


A number of sessions are required for total and permanent hair removal. This is because laser can destroy hair that is at the growing phase and not those in the resting phase. Hence multiple sessions are required to remove both growing hair and the resting hair. For more information on state of the art permanent hair removal IPL machines, visit the website of Universal Medical Aesthetics.

Tattoo Removal

Removing tattoo that even in the recent past was a very painful process is now a breeze. Here too laser beams vibrating at nano-seconds are directed on the tattoo. These enter the skin and break up the ink below the surface. The minute particles are then disposed off by the body’s immune system.


The number of sessions required depends on the size and ink of the tattoo. Red, orange and other bright coloured inks are more difficult to remove than the black and the blues. Once a tattoo has been removed and the skin has healed, another tattoo can be made on that part of the body.

These are just a sample of the advanced beauty care treatments that are now available in Australia.

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