5 Safety Guidelines To Rock Climbing In Thailand

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Rock climbing is a popular outdoor activity that everybody would love to experience, not just for the sight seeing after you reach the top but also for the adventure and excitement that you are going to experience. But before you think of traveling in Thailand and experience the rock climbing […]


Getting to Thailand and first impressions of Bangkok

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The last few days we spent in California before departing for Thailand there was this sense of unbelief and expectation. We were really doing it. We were really going to the other side of the world. I awoke quite early the morning of our departure, and the final preparations began. By […]


Ramblings, Koh Samui vs. Koh Tao, and busted budgets in Thailand

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Here we are. We’ve reached the halfway point of our three months in Thailand. We’ve been busy having fun and have had very little screen time over the past week. We’ll bring you up to date on some of our adventures when we settle in Penang for a week with […]


Was Khanom the best place to settle during our time in Thailand?

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During our three months of travel in Thailand, we were set on finding a place to settle for one of those three months. Continuous travel, especially with young kids, can be exhausting. Our goal in establishing a base for a month was to give ourselves a break from the frantic […]


A Grand Family Trip Awaits Us at the Grand Canyon

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I’m almost ashamed of myself for not having been there.  From our home base of Santa Barbara it’s just a nine-hour drive.  Nine hours is nothing.  We drive the eight hours back and forth from Lake Tahoe all the time.  20 hour driving trips aren’t out of the question for us.  Heck, we’ve driven […]