Regardless of the cost, architecture or theme your home has, it can never be complete without a working plumbing fixture. A plumbing fixture plays a vital role because this is responsible for supplying clean and potable water in different areas of the house. It guarantees that everyone inside your home can have a comfortable, convenient and sanitary life. It can also lead to a healthier family, better water pressure in your home and lesser expenses on utilities. Additionally, a well-maintained plumbing fixture can also improve the value of your home, making it easy for you to attract buyers once you decide to sell it.

Undeniably, the plumbing fixture of your home is a vital component. It provides a long list of benefits not only to your home and property but to your family as well. However, when your plumbing fixture is damaged or broken, you can never experience any of these benefits. In fact, your plumbing fixture might even become the reason why your family will get sick and your home will be damaged quickly. Steer away from this direction by looking into the following signs:

1. Cracked porcelain: No, seeing cracks in different parts of your porcelain toilet isn’t normal. In fact, toilets made from this material are expected to last forever especially if you’re cleaning it on a regular basis. If you’re seeing cracks in your porcelain toilet, call for your local plumbing company right away. Professionals know what needs to be done so this problem will not create a snowball effect over time.


2. Toilet upgrade: Because of the advent of technology, there are now tools which enables you to manage your water consumption better. One of this is a dual flush toilet. When you have this at home, you’ll be able to use water only as needed which can result in lesser utility bills. However, if you’re still using the conventional toilet (one which only has one flushing option), upgrading to a dual flush toilet can be a good reason to replace your fixture. The repair will entail cost but with the money, you’ll save from paying expensive bills, this investment will be worth it in the end. Not to mention that such an upgrade can drastically improve the overall look of your bathroom!

3. Flushing mechanism failures: On a microscopic level, using a toilet which doesn’t have any flushing mechanism can become time-consuming, inconvenient and unsanitary. But on the macroscopic level, this situation can signify bigger problems. When your toilet has flushing mechanism failures, it can indicate that its internal components need replacement as soon as possible. If this problem becomes unresolved, your toilet might run continuously and can result in more water consumption. This can even cause your toilet to stop flushing. Any problems with your toilet’s flushing mechanism should be consulted with the experts.

4. Broken shower hoses: Most often than not, the shower hose is one of those plumbing fixtures which is susceptible to wear and tear. Because the shower hose is adjusted in different ways throughout the day, it’s more prone to breaking and rupturing. If you see any of these signs in your own shower hose, it’s a telltale sign that you need to replace it with a new one. Also you need to check if there is low water pressure in your shower. If you have been putting off the replacement for weeks, the entire shower system might need to be replaced, as well.

5. Leaky faucets: Leaky faucets are probably one of the most common problems homeowners face. And while you can always call a plumbing company to repair several components of your faucet, having them replace this fixture with a completely new faucet might be a better solution. A faucet which is tarnished or nicked can still serve its purpose but this can become an eyesore in a certain room. If you’re particularly keen on the aesthetics of your fixtures, consider replacing your faucet with a newer model when leaking problems seem to reoccur.


6. Water discoloration: Seeing brown or dark water from your faucet is a cause for concern. When there is water discoloration, pollutants and chemicals might have already affected the fixtures’ pipes and consuming water from this source can put your family’s health at risk. This situation can be caused by corrosion in your pipes which results to rust. If this problem is not addressed right away, the mineral deposits in your pipes can lead to clog and pressure – things which can make your pipes burst. And when this happens, you’ll experience catastrophic damage to your plumbing fixture, home, and property. Aside from having professionals check your pipes, consider having water heater repair, too. When your water heaters are well-maintained, your plumbing fixtures will have lesser chances of being damaged.

Call The Pros For Help

Once you’ve ticked even a single sign for this list, immediately call for professional help. Don’t wait for “another sign” to happen because when it does, it might already imply that the problem has worsened and affected different areas of your home. Scout for professionals in your area, compare their prices and services so you’ll end up hiring a plumbing company which suits your needs and budget. Working with trained and experienced plumbing companies can be considered as a cost-effective solution to make sure that this option is on top of your to-do list!

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