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It is rightly said that home is where the heart lies. Every part of your home from brick to brick is your efforts and hard earned money. And, everything you have goes into making your dream house, you hope to construct it in a way that it stands out from the rest. Isn’t it? Don’t you like boasting your home décor to guests when they pay you a visit? Of course, you do!

Home interior detailing is what makes your space stand out. Giving style, texture, and feel to your interiors can add up to your brownie points greatly. And, when it comes to choosing extraordinary material for your interiors that would last long and look aesthetically charming, nothing could be better than wall sidings.

No matter what the material of your wall sidings is; the interior walls are ought to look great. Wall sidings are the new revolution that has set the home interior décor on fire. Decorative stones, bricks or even wood sidings have changed the idea of interior designing for some time now. One of the most difficult conundrums may arise when you need to choose the right wall siding option for your interiors.

Decorative Stone

But this guide would steer clear your every doubt by offering you required information on what wall siding would suit your budget and needs well.

Out To the Woods

Everyone has a liking for woods. This natural material not only looks beautiful but gives positive vibes of being close to nature. Woods have always been a retreat from the worldly affairs and using this material as a wall siding can give vintage feels and happiness unbound.

One of the most popular wood sidings that have managed to gather some limelight is the shiplap siding. Its roots lie in the traditional wood boards that were initially used for exteriors. But with changing time and preferences, shiplap is extensively used to clad walls and ceilings of the home interiors. Shiplap siding is made available in both rough and smooth finishes and usually people coloring them white.  But you could also experiment with other vibrant colors and add that liveliness to your home around.

An added advantage of shiplap wood siding lies in the fact that these boards can be installed either horizontally or vertically. They make your space look like a cottage, keeping you closer to your roots.

Pros of Wood Wall Sidings:

  • Bits and pieces can be easily replaced without the need of replacing the whole wall siding
  • Infinite options available when it comes to coloring wood sidings
  • Fewer efforts involved when it comes to installing wood sidings reduction of labor costs and time involved

Cons of Wood Wall Sidings:

  • Wood is prone to insects and termites that may eat up your sidings to its core
  • Wood is not fire-friendly thus more prone to catching fires

Out To the Stone Age

If you are obsessed with the ancient construction fashions, stone wall siding is for you. Innate and organic are two words that can describe stone cladding well. It could be either artificial or even natural stones that are used to add elegance and identity to your interior walls.

Natural Stone

One of the most beautiful forms of stone cladding for interiors is offered by ledgestone. These are thin and rectangular blocks of stone tiles that hold the power to deck out your interiors. Ledgestone can be described as stacked tiles in an irregular fashion so as to give the wall a unique look. These wall sidings are usually unfinished that look great with your shining furniture and other décor items. Be it the dining room, the bathroom or the living room; ledgestone is one fit for all.

Stone wall sidings are available in a number of eye-catching textures, patterns, and colors to choose from. A noteworthy advantage of stone cladding lies in the fact they are great insulators i.e. it helps in maintaining moderate house temperatures.

Pros of Stone Wall Sidings:

  • Standing the tests of time is the best quality of stone wall sidings
  • Unmatched superiority in terms of looks that too at an affordable price
  • Minimal maintenance required as these wall sidings are water, moisture, insects, and fire resistant

Cons of Stone Wall Sidings:

  • When installing faux or stone veneer may show up problems related to moisture accumulation or incapability to stand freezing or thawing temperatures

Bricking To the Core

Unfinished feels are the new in, nowadays. Brick cladding is one of such wall siding that has steered interest of many when it comes to designing interiors of a home. Brick sidings are a blend of long life and beauty. This gives rustic and classic feels that is greatly a treat for the eyes. Once you wall clad the interiors with bricks, never worry about it losing its charm.

Brick Veneer is one of the most popular types of interior wall siding available. However used extensively for exteriors, these wall sidings have also made its debut for the interiors. These decorative bricks are made from thinner slabs of real bricks that are usually designed for masonry construction. Be it your brick-laden fireplace, kitchen backsplash or one wall highlighters; brick veneers look exemplary.

Brick Interior

Brick wall sidings can be painted or left unfinished as per your individual needs. With minimal maintenance needs, added luxury, and boosted house value; these brick veneers call for a worthy investment.

Pros of Brick Wall Siding

  • A simple wash over a period of time is enough to maintain your brick sidings
  • Resistance to insects, termites, and fire is an important attribute to look for
  • Even if you keep your brick sidings unfinished, it’ll reflect beauty and serenity

Cons Of Brick Wall Siding

  • Over the top installation time required when you are indulging in DIY
  • Although bricks can stand for generations, the mortar joints may deteriorate and may require replacement


This was all the vital information about the types of popular wall claddings. Looking at the popular types doing rounds in the market and their respective pros and cons, make a decision that suits your needs well. In the end, it can only be said that if someone is going to ogle, make it worth their while.

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