Going to the beach while dealing with a fresh new piercing has its own risks and dangers. Luckily, there are certain measures that you can take to make sure that your piercing does not get irritated and infected during your very exciting beach trip.

When can I Start Swimming?

Give it at least a month before you go the beach or swim in a pool. Your body has to form a scar tissue inside the piercing to make sure that it is protected and at least a little bit healed.

Avoid swimming right after getting the piercing, as the chances of getting an infection is high. You would not want to get a piercing just to have it removed after a few days, would you?

Why is it Not Advisable to Go Swimming After Getting a Piercing?

A piercing is similar to an open wound, therefore, it is more prone to bacteria and infections during the course of healing.

Even if the beach contains sea salt, it still is not advisable to go swimming in it right after getting a piercing as it can be full of bacteria – besides, we do not know who or what has been swimming in there. Also, beach sand can get inside your piercing, which can be extremely painful and can be a cause of an infection.

Another thing is that it can get hot in the beach, which means that you will be sweating a lot. Sweat can cause your belly button piercing to get infected, after all, sweat is a dirty excretion from your body.

Make sure to clean your belly button piercing right after swimming to make sure the bacteria won’t infiltrate it and start infecting your piercing.

How Do I Clean my Belly Button Piercing?

Ironically, the best way to clean a piercing is with a sea salt mixture. Get a pack of sea salt from the supermarket and then mix it with warm water. Mix it until you see that the salt has completely dissolved in the water.

Next, get a clean cotton ball and wet it in the mixture. Take it and gently press it on the piercing and let it stay for a few minutes. Avoid tugging on your piercing, as this can only irritate the piercing and can eventually lead to an infection.

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