Are you trying to improve your bench press but don’t know how?  Well in this post, I’ll be teaching you exactly how to increase your bench press rapidly.

So let’s not delay and get straight into it.

The first thing you want to do, is make sure you’re taking the right amount of rest. You see, the vast majority of people benching will go straight into the next set without an adequate amount of rest. This is a recipe for disaster and will keep you at a plateau.

After you’ve done a set, don’t wait for 30 seconds or a minute or even 2 minutes. Wait at least 4 to 5 minutes. This way you’ll know you’ve got the adequate amount of rest. You’re trying to lift for power not to get that burning sensation. This way of thinking can also apply to all your exercises as well. I find that it helps tremendously.

Eat correctly the day before. If you’re drinking and eating a lot of crappy foods the day before. You’re not going to perform great on your bench press.  Alcohol dehydrates you and water is vital for strength. If you’re eating a lot of sugary foods, you’re going to feel like crap the very next day. Your energy levels will be low compared to what they could have been without sugary foods.

So make sure you’re eating a lot of complex carbs such as oats and consuming a good amount of protein.

Get your balance right. One of my mistakes in benching and kept me at a plateau was not keeping my balance.  I just didn’t know what I was doing wrong until I figured out my feet were the problem. You see, I was keeping my feet very close together. This was causing balancing issues. When I really widen my feet out and my legs, I instantly felt a lot more balance and like I could lift more.

The next tip is to figure out what kind of bar you like. Some people like the thick bars and some people like the thin bars. I personally like the thick bars. It helps me to get a better grip on the bar and really draw out a lot more power. Figure out which one is right for you.

Bench with the partner. If you’re benching on your own, it’s not going to be anywhere near as good as benching with a lifting buddy. With the bench press, you need someone who can help you get those little pushes that you need. They motivate you and ultimately help you increase your bench press. Of course, you want to choose the right lifting mate. Don’t get someone who’s lazy and slacks off. Ideally, you want to get someone who lifts more than you. This will encourage you to lift more.

If you want more benching tips, check out this piece.

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