When someone decides to resume exercising after a short break, be it due to sickness or a long holiday, the process can sometimes be tough, and may require a bit of willpower to get back to your usual routine. The way to get back on track starts with the mind, by building up psyche, strength and determination.

Changing Behavioural Patterns

To successfully go back to exercising, an individual is required to change the way they carry out their day to day activities. They can also start doing things differently, like using the stairs instead of the lift. This change in behaviour is vital in tuning the body and channelling one’s energies to these new demanding tasks.

Be Prepared

When one intends to resume an exercising regimen, they should be prepared physically and mentally. It does not necessarily entail buying new gym gear and enrolling in expensive gyms. It requires preparedness in terms of health since you cannot resume exercising when unwell. Mentally, one should be ready so that they do not back out after the first day.


After the first day of resuming the workout regimen, it is advised that consistency be maintained. It can be done by making the exercise routine an integral part of your normal day to day life; they should merge seamlessly and become one fluid motion from day to day. The body and the brain love consistency because once they go through the same motions once or twice, they adapt and it makes future endeavours effortless. Having regular sleeping and feeding times will help solidify a fitness regimen.

Track Every Workout

Tracking every workout means keeping record of your performance from day one upon resuming. This enables the person to know if there is any improvement in their performance. Points of weakness can easily be detected and changes can be made to rectify these. A record will act as a morale booster because they show results of an individual’s efforts and progress.

Avoid Working Out for a Single Purpose

Exercising for the single benefit of losing weight or building up muscles is discouraged. An individual should appreciate the sense of well being that comes with working out and the health benefits associated with it. Workout regimens that are designed for a single outcome are usually not sustainable in the long term. They end up making a person uncomfortable, and compatibility with an individual’s day to day life becomes cumbersome and unfulfilling in the long run. Full body workouts are highly recommended.

This is a health guest post by Anthony – thanks so much for contributing <3

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