This is a Guest post by Christina – blogger from Texas. In this article, she would love to share us the link between health and nutrition, health and nutrition tips for adult and children, some facts about health and nutrition.

1. The Link between Health and Nutrition 

Fine health greatly depends on good nutrition. This is so because even medical doctors say that most emotional and physical illnesses are as a result of consuming a diet lacking minerals and vitamins. Even though supplements and vitamins are good alternatives, food is the principal basis of health and nutrition. A lot of medicines as well as drugs created to improve the health of individuals have synthetic replicas of chemicals, and enzymes present in foods that are nutrient-dense. A consistent nutrition is often achieved through a well-balanced diet, which if observed promotes long life and diminishes the chances of suffering from various ailments.

On the contrary, insufficient nutrition together with low-quality foods can in general reduce life span and expose one to numerous diseases as well as deformities.  The body requires building-blocks and fuel in order to produce the energy it requires for digestion, metabolism, removal of body waste, respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous system. Certain parts of the body depend on particular nutrients. For instance, for the brain to function efficiently, it requires fatty acids, iron, carbohydrates, B-12 vitamins and iodine.

Furthermore, calcium and boron are essential for strong bones while muscle health requires protein and potassium. Consuming food with enough fiber can greatly reduce colon cancer, hemorrhoids and constipation. Usually, eating a diet with a great combination of foods can provide one with enough health and nutrition to fuel most of their everyday activities. As a requirement, it is recommended to have at least four servings of fruits, vegetables, breads or cereal every day.

Moreover, you should strive to ensure you have taken at least three servings of protein. Dieticians also advise individual to take not less than two dairy meals. According to research on health and nutrition, junk foods lack sufficient minerals, vitamins and even nutritional value. A lot of physicians have warned against consuming processed and prepackaged foodstuffs. For regular health and nutrition, people hoping to maintain a good health often plan their meals early.

As a general rule, some individuals usually eat one dairy, one protein, one fruit, or one cereal item for breakfast. The protein can comprise of chicken, milk item, beans, eggs, or red meat. During lunchtime, you can eat one fruit, one bread item, one milk item or one protein. You can end the day by consuming one fruit, one protein and one grain for dinner. Doing this will ensure your body acquires the essential servings of different foodstuffs. The link between health and nutrition requires to be instilled even in diets of young children. This way, we will have a generation that is capable of making imperative decisions concerning their lifestyles and nutrition. Taking into consideration how unhealthy processed foods have become widespread, the health and nutrition of our children at risk.

2.  Health and Nutrition Tips for Children & Adults  

Every year, about 6.6 million youngsters pass away, after suffering from causes that can be prevented or treated. This figure also includes 1 million babies who lose their lives on the day of their birth. With regard to some health and nutrition reports, malnutrition has led to death of many people, including both adults and children.

In developing countries, close to 150 million children are malnourished. Many of these problems can be alleviated if certain nutritional and health measures are followed. Indeed, health and nutrition are related and go hand in hand.  To everyone who wants to make their life easier with regard to health and nutrition, you may be required to learn a few things on how to improve your diet. This can be an excellent starting point. To begin with, refrain from factory farmed eggs, meats, and dairy products.

These commodities contain a lot of adrenaline because of the horrifying cruelty the animals face. High levels of adrenaline in the body boost the level of the stress hormone – cortisol. This in turn can cause you to go through high-stress levels, and consequently, diminish your health and nutrition goals. Consider including fruits such as apples in your diet. Apples are rich in fiber, which assist in digestion and make individuals feel full.

Thus, eating an apple a day can help you keep from reaching out for sugary stuff such as snacks, thereby ensuring you are healthy. It is also important to encourage your kids to follow good dietary measures from the very beginning. This way, they are not vulnerable to diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Health and nutrition specialists say that an excellent nutritional foundation can make a huge difference in the sense that it can transform a life characterized with constant medical care to a healthy one.

Furthermore, ensuring that you have instilled a good dietary program your children can help them avoid future problems. An effective diet is to consume protein in each meal. Proteins are capable of gratifying hunger compared to food containing high-calorie carbohydrates. For example, rather than having a sandwich or a few slices of pizza, you may opt to take some veggies and a piece of grilled chicken for lunch.

Even so, there are countless types of diets and eating plans out there. Nonetheless, an essential health and nutrition plan ought to include all the various food groups that constitute a balanced diet. In a bid to maintain a healthy body, we require a little bit of everything. Consuming a healthy diet goes a long way in preventing and managing diseases that are diet-related. There is a lot of information on the web concerning health and nutrition and often, it can be difficult to discern the harmful from the helpful.

3.  Facts on Health and Nutrition

The Internet contains tons of information on health and nutrition, weight-loss plans, organic eating, among others. If you want to attain a healthy and fit body, the best place you can start is by educating yourself on what you need to do, and often the web is a good resource.

Here are a number of health and nutrition facts that you can observe. First, it is important that you keep from consuming processed foods; this is because they are enriched with an addictive quality that makes you develop the urge to eat more. Thus, people who eat these foodstuffs never seem to get satisfied. Consuming a diet lacking the necessary constituents can lead to poor health. It is essential to break the routine and incorporate a healthy and balanced diet plan into our lives.

Many people find eating whole foods rather inconvenient. But processed foods regarded as risky by health and nutrition experts. Contrary to this, some people go for them because they find them cheap and convenient compared to whole foods. What you do not know is that they contain a less nutrient value. Some use ingredients that are harmful such as artificial colors, chemicals, hydrogenated oil – which wreck the central nervous system.

Even though understanding that health and nutrition are somehow correlated, it is also important to comprehend they both relate to exercising. This will in turn help you realize the affiliation between health eating and burning calories. In regard to this, always ensure that you consume food in amounts that conform to your requirements. Apart from that, the food should be of nutritional value. Your everyday diet ought to constitute a healthy fraction of vegetables and fruits, together with a small serving of other groups of foods such as meat, dairy products and bread.

Most dieticians advise patients to take 5 or more fruits and vegetables every day. Rather than going for a mid-afternoon snack or dessert, you can substitute that with the above-mentioned foods. For lunch or dinner, you can prepare some vegetables and eat with meat and bread. On the other hand, eggs, mills, cheese, toast and grits are preferably for breakfast. This way, your health and nutrition requirements will be met. The best thing about these foods is that can easily be obtained at a local grocery store. Furthermore, one does not have to spend heavily on costly diet foods together with pre-packaged foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits are in huge supply during the months of summer. There are many resources online concerning health and nutrition. Thus, it is best to stick to foods with nutritional value as they can go a long way in sustaining our healthy, particular when accompanied with frequent exercise.

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