Bees are dangerous, especially when you invade their territory so you have to be careful when getting rid of this thing. Bees are found to be closer to their food source and are attracted to strong, sweet smells. It is nice to have pollinated flowers and bees, but we can do without this thing. Thankfully, there are ways to lessen the chances of been stung by a bee. First, you need to know your bees, and there are different types of bees; the non-social bees, they have a black abdomen.

They usually nest in the wood. Non-social do not live in colonies and do not sting unless extremely provoked. The other type of bees is the honeybees. They leave in colonies and aggressively defend the nest as a group. Another is known one is the killer bees. They are more easily provoked and sting in groups. They are mostly found in US, Florida and Africa.

Furthermore, they are smaller than regular honeybees. Bees are useful in the garden, so do not exterminate unless you have to. If a beehive is close to your home, you do not really have to do anything, otherwise, leave them alone and they will not burg you. The good news is you can get rid of all these bees in the same way. The following easy steps will help you get rid of bees’ fast.

Safety First

If you want to get rid of this thing yourself, you have to wear a non- too-tight long sleeves, so that they cannot sting through, wear gloves, wear a protective cover over your head, your eyes especially, wear a mask; your safety first.

Reduce the Amount of Flowering Porch Around your House

Since bees leave in colonies, to keep them away from your house, do not have a flowering porch or garbage sitting out, sweet things that they can get into. Did you know honey bees communicate food sources by dancing You could also try hanging mothballs in pantyhose to get rid of them.

Use Bee Traps

Place Bee traps in trees or on the ground. To make one, take a 2-litre plastic soda bottle and cut off the mouthpiece of the container. Pour a few inches of juice or soda inside the container, and then place the mouthpiece upside down. Stapling it in place; the bees fly in and are trapped. You can also buy bee trap at your local hardware stores.

Use Bee Spray

You could get a liquid spray and spray the hive with aerosol cans. This method is aggravating, and they will come out to swarm in multitudes. Even if you are protected, they will swim on you and follow you. You have to be very careful here. It is safer to hire a pest control company to handle bees’ problems.

In conclusion, the best way to get rid of bees is actually with a cloud of dust if you do not want to hire a professional pest exterminator. I mean bio-pesticide dust (a botanically based dust). They work very well, and the bees die off. Since the bees have hairs all through and as they walk through the hive dust the entrance with the botanically based dust, while they walk through the hive, they help spread the powder all through the hive, which will result in their death.

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