Many people prefer to live in the suburbs, simply because of the greenery and the trees, something that city dwellers don’t often experience. We are very lucky to have lots of parks and trees dotted throughout the suburbs of Brisbane, but it takes the work of many tree experts to keep them healthy and looking as good as they do all year round.

If you are lucky enough to have large trees in your garden, one of the most important things you can do is to inspect them every year during winter to make sure that they are still healthy. If you don’t really know how to tell if your trees are healthy or not, it’s best to contact your local tree experts in Brisbane who can quickly diagnose any problems and the best course of action to take.

One of the more frequent actions that is needed is to prune or lop your trees, something that is necessary if your trees have any diseased branches. Lopping is also performed because it can encourage a strong trunk to grow, promote a healthy flow of air through the branches and prevent damage during storms.

Lopping encourages strong trunks

If you want to encourage young trees to grow into healthy majestic trees in your garden, pruning away any unnecessary side branches or trunk divisions is a good way to start. The younger the tree the better, because early pruning helps the tree to develop a healthy strong trunk with a solid base that should withstand the high winds of the stormy season. It’s important however, that you know what you are doing when you prune young trees otherwise you can cause more harm than good. That’s why you should contact your local Brisbane tree experts to help your young trees grow properly.

Lopping promotes air circulation

Correct pruning of young trees not only gives you a healthy and strong tree, but also a lovely looking tree as well. There’s nothing more beautiful than a big healthy tree with the sun shining through its branches and the leaves rustling in a gentle breeze! Careful pruning however, not only gives you a beautiful tree with strong flexible branches, but it also promotes healthy air flow through the branches, balancing out the changing air pressure during storms and anchoring the tree against strong wind gusts. Your local Brisbane tree experts will know how to prune your trees to promote a good air flow and keep them healthy and beautiful.

Lopping prevents storm damage

Dead, broken or diseased branches need to be removed as soon as possible, so that they don’t become a hazard during the storm season. Too often we see trees upended or branches crashing into homes and vehicles that quite possibly could have been prevented if the tree had been examined earlier by tree experts in Brisbane.

If you haven’t had anyone to check the health of your trees lately, it’s never to late to start. It’s a very good feeling to know that in the event of a big storm, your trees will be able to weather hefty gusts with hardly any problem at all.

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