The backyards of many houses are quite spacious that can be further beautified by creating pretty gardens there. However, the landscapes of these gardens should be chosen wisely that match the exterior design and colour scheme of the house. There are certain guidelines for accomplishing the best garden makeovers that will enhance the overall look and the resale value of the property. Though the professional landscapers do the best job in this regard, the house owners can easily make their gardens look excellent just by following a few simple steps of doing this task.

Effective Advice for The Garden Makeovers of The Houses:

#1. The grass-covered lawns in the backyard can be given a definite shape, something like circle, square or an oblong to render more elegance to the entire garden.

#2. All the grasses of the lawn should be trimmed into a certain height and the other grasses outside the marked area need to be eliminated with the spade.

#3. Décor your garden wall you can use an old beaded curtain, Chinese lamps, hanging flower pots or wind chimes.

#4. The planting of the beautiful flowering plants is another important step for garden makeovers, as the colourful flowers can change the entire mood of a garden. Thus, it is best to create fixed flowerbeds in the garden area, where the saplings of the perennial flowering plants can be placed in the soil or in flowerpots which fill the garden with vibrant colours and sweet fragrance.

#5. Only a few large trees that produce pretty flowers or sweet fruits can be planted in the corners or at noticeable points, thus giving a feeling of greatness to the garden. These trees are planted as merely cheap saplings, which grow up gradually to attain the huge sizes in the garden soil.

#6. The pavements or patios of different coloured stone chips or gravels can make the garden well-organized and provide lots of spaces for walking around the garden. It is better to choose the lighter shades of neutral colours for the gravels to be placed over these pathways, to make the garden makeovers more effective. All the grasses and weeds should be uprooted from these pavements, before laying the gravels there.

#7. The exterior units of the air conditioning machines are generally placed outside the home, marring the garden beauty to some extent. These machinery parts can be hidden by planting some flowering or ornamental bushes just before these air conditioning boxes, which may also provide shades to these machines from the heat of direct sunlight.  Daffodils, blue fescue, and dwarf butterfly bush may be a few suggestions for garden makeovers in this regard.

#8. It is also important to take care of the existing garden features, to make the backyard more attractive. The branches of the plants and trees thriving in the garden may be trimmed a bit, to induce a cleaner and airy environment there. The soil of the flowerbeds and pots should be enriched by adding suitable fertilizers, to help the plants grow more healthily. The old flowering pots may be imparted a new look by scrubbing and repainting, thus completing the process of garden makeovers.

#9. You can add on some garden decorative like pebbles, fountains, lights, bird nests etc. These elements will make your garden lively.

#10. All the weeds and shabby looking plants need to be uprooted from the garden, to leave the impact of fresh and healthy garden makeovers.

These simple tips can easily be done by any homeowner, and they will make your gardens more stylish and livelier in appearance.

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