I am a WAHM and the owner of Belly Charms LLC, which is no easy task since my little guys are 6 and 7.  I also have a WAHH (that would mean work-at-home- husband).  He works during the day, and I do 90% of my work late in the evenings as soon as my boys and husband go to sleep. Belly Charms is a woman business – I do it all and love it.  I never in a million years thought my little Etsy shop would turn into a real business.When I am not working or being a mom, I am a group fitness instructor and/or personal trainer.  I started teaching aerobics in college and have been teaching for 19 years now.  I worked full time in the fitness industry managing health clubs for most of my career after college.  I cut back to just teaching and training after my first son was born.  I love it, plus it helps with my sanity.  That is one hour I can focus on nothing but my students.


In addition to my 2 boys, we have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 fish.  As you can just imagine, things can get totally out of control.  Usually the instant I get a business phone call is when it all falls apart:)

I have the joy of being home with my little guys almost all the time, and I would trade sleep for that any day….as long as there is coffee!!!

My boys are just hilarious, and that is part of the reason I started Belly Charms – the blog.  Thanks so much for visiting and check back often for updates on what life is really like for a WAHM.

How did Belly Charms get started?

Belly Charms Blog was the great idea that I came up with after my second son was born. When I was pregnant with my first child, I did not know there were maternity belly rings, so when I had to take out my belly ring, of course, the piercing closed.  I got it re-pierced, only to quickly find out I was pregnant again.An ultrasound tech told me that there were maternity belly rings, but they were just hard to find.  Well I went on a search and finally found one. I wore it through my entire pregnancy and right into the delivery room.  The nurses all loved it.

After my son was born, I went back to the “regular” steel belly button rings but just did not like them anymore.  So I got out my maternity belly ring, cut the PTFE bar to a much shorter length, rethreaded the ball, and took off the “It’s a Boy” charm and replaced it with a candy cane……that is when Belly Charms began.

If you already have a child or know someone who needs to wear medical alert ID, please visit Vital IDs from Belly Charms Blog.  Here you fill find safety identification products for your entire family.  Kid’s Safety ID Wristbands , Medical Alert Wristbands, and Reflective Sports ID Products.  Protect your children, yourself and the ones you love with Vital ID.  They are comfortable, durable and waterproof.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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