Are you planning for a business trip, a leisure trip or simply planning to pay a visit to your grandparents in the countryside during the weekend? Well, whatever the nature of your travel is, always know that you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee anywhere anytime without having to make a stop-over in the nearest Starbucks.

For the vast majority of Americans, one way of cheering up your day is by drinking a freshly brewed cup of barista-style coffee. Whether you’re in a hotel, a vacation or a business trip, drinking quality coffee is one way of boosting your moods to make things appear more bearable.

Now, although this royal beverage has played a major role in setting up the tone for the day, most avid coffee connoisseurs have been wondering how it’s possible for one to enjoy a cup of hot Joe without having to pack your entire brewing arsenal in your suitcase. The good news is that you can indeed enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee without having to carry your brewing tools with you.

In this post, we will get down to details and give you a step-by-step procedure on how you can brew an extraordinary cup of coffee while traveling.

First the basics

First things first: Whichever method you decide to use when brewing your coffee, always think about the basics. Here, you need to think of a manual portable burr grinder that will aid in grinding the coffee beans to your desired level, a dry storage bag to keep the coffee fresh, a travel kettle, the right water and finally a measuring can that will help to measure the coffee.

With that piece of information already at your disposal, I think it’s fair if we can get this show on the road to discuss a light way of brewing perfect coffee while traveling.

The right grinder

The first equipment you need to think of when getting ready to brew an extraordinary cup of coffee when traveling is a manual burr grinder. A manual burr grinder is relatively easy to use as the settings are manual and it delivers the best consistent grounds that will make your coffee brewing ritual even more fun-filled.

Portable manual burr grinders are available in different sizes, they’re durable as compared to their electric counterparts and they can be adjusted to grind coffee beans perfect for brewing anything from French Press to Turkish coffee.

Brewing method

There are several brewing methods you can rely on if you’re planning to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee right from the comfort of your grandma’s home. Depending on your personal brewing preference, you can opt to go for the AeroPress technique or simply stick with the electric kettle.

The AeroPress coffee brewer is a brilliant move if you’re planning to brew coffee while on the road. What really makes this appliance triumph on the road is due to its small size and fast brewing time.

Unlike other brewers that take a long time to brew a single cup of Joe, an AeroPress brewer takes just a minute or two to brew either American-style coffee or an Espresso shot.

Now, although an AeroPress is a superb option, there’s one limitation to it; you can’t depend on it while in the wild as it requires a separate source of hot water. Due to this reason, you definitely need a robust alternative such as a Jetboil.

A Jetboil is simply a metal canister attached to a small fuel tank. This appliance weighs less (about 12 ounces) and is capable of boiling about 1 liter of water in just a few minutes.

In case you’re planning to go for a vacation in a hotel or maybe travel to the countryside, a travel kettle might be a brilliant alternative. A travel kettle is easy to pack, fast enough and it helps to maintain a tidy countertop through minimizing spills.

The right water

The next factor that will enhance the quality of your brewed coffee when traveling is the type of water used. In most cases, finding the right water for brewing a flavored cup of coffee might be difficult. Since there are no filters to purify your water, you need to buy distilled water on your way or once you get to your destination.

The right beans

During your tour, you can decide to pass by the grocery store to shop for some fresh beans. If you’re an avid coffee aficionado, I believe you’re aware of the drawbacks that come with freshly ground coffee beans—they lack the fullness of flavor when brewed. Therefore, to ensure that you enjoy a Barista-style cup of coffee, always invest in freshly roasted coffee beans.

A reliable travel mug

Now, there are various modes of travel. While some people may prefer commuting, others may prefer driving from home to their destination. One way of ensuring that you stay focused and awake throughout the long drive is simply by drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

While it will be messy to drive while drinking coffee from a mug, one appliance that will surely spice up your coffee enthusiasm is definitely a sturdy travel mug. With a reliable travel mug, you can easily brew your coffee then pour it into the mug to drink as you drive.

In case you don’t have enough time to make your own coffee, you can simply stop by the next coffee shop to buy freshly brewed coffee. Since today’s single serve coffee makers are programmed to brew coffee for large travel mugs, I don’t think there’s much to worry about.

Note that, some coffee shops do offer discounts for customers who come with their own mugs. In such a case, I believe it will be a win-win situation. Finally, investing in a light, ergonomic and watertight travel mug is simply the best bet as it makes opening and closing with one hand quite easy while the other hand grabs the wheel.


Finally, from what we’ve just read, I don’t think it would be difficult for you to make a perfect cup of coffee while on the move, is it? You see, coffee has a long history as a beverage consumed by people on the move or rather traveling maniacs.

Although it’s relatively easier to brew a cup of hot java right from the comfort of your kitchen, when it comes to making coffee while traveling, your success is only limited to your own creativity. Luckily, with such an exclusive piece of information, making a freshly brewed cup of coffee will never stand in the way of your travel provided you have the right brewing apparatus.

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