Looking to lose weight, but cannot control your cravings for high-calorie foods. The eating habits and their connection to the obesity or overweight is one of the most challenging health problems that need to be dealt with.

People fighting with the problem of obesity need to control their cravings for their favorite foods that are high in calories and contribute to the overweight. Even if they consume a protein powder for weight loss, they need to control their eating habits.

Overweight people find themselves snacking frequently because they don’t feel full regardless of what they eat. It is because they have been eating the high-calorie foods for years and they cannot control the cravings for such foods.

The food supplement industry sells a variety of appetite suppressing pills to the people who want to lose weight. Such supplements may cause serious side effects on the human body. The food and drug administration in many countries warn against the use of such supplements.

It is better to try some natural appetite suppressants available in your home instead of spending your hard earned money on appetite suppressing supplements. Here are the six natural anti suppressants that will help you control your appetite and cravings for frequent snacking naturally.

Green tea


People are consuming the green tea extract since the trend of drinking tea was started thousands of years ago in China. Green tea is one of the healthiest appetite suppressors available today. The best thing about green tea is that it is available everywhere and is easy to prepare.

The antioxidants present in green tea extract help in regulating appetite suppressing hormones. Also, the antioxidants are beneficial in releasing the toxins and detoxifying the body which helps in losing weight.

Green tea is a safe alternative to appetite suppressant pills as it is not known to have any side effects. Consuming green tea is better than consuming regular tea or coffee as it does not contain caffeine. The antioxidants present in the green tea stabilize the blood sugar levels which help in suppressing the frequent hunger cravings.



Apples are found in almost every part of the world and are an excellent appetite suppressant. Apples are loaded with pectin and soluble fiber which helps you feel full. The fruit has green or red colored skin which when consumed with skin offers a variety of health benefits.

Due to the high fiber content present in apples, eating an apple in between the meals can make you feel full for at least one to two hours. Fiber takes time to get digested as compared to low fiber foods, which makes you feel fuller for one to two hours.

The fruit contains pectin which helps control the blood sugar levels from spiking the hunger. Apples regulate the glucose levels in the blood and boost the energy levels in the body. In addition to suppressing the appetite, the fruit offers a wide range of other health benefits.



Almonds are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and fiber. They contain a high amount of fiber content. A ¼ cup of almond consumed with milk provides four grams of fiber which are not digested easily in the stomach. As almonds take time to digest, they make you feel full for long and suppress the feelings of hunger. The fact has been proved in a study presented at 2006 Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting.

The amino acids and healthy unsaturated fats help you curb your appetite. Consuming a handful of almonds between the meals can help you control your hunger for a few hours. Almonds being rich in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids are the healthiest nuts known for the health benefits they offer.


Water is the basic requirement of human body yet it is usually ignored by people. As water has no calories, it does not contribute to weight gain which makes it the best beverage to control the hunger cravings. Having a full glass of water before meals can help you feel full, and you eat less which helps in weight loss.

Research also shows that people who drink two cups of water before meals consume fewer calories and lose weight fast as compared to people who drink water after meals.

Drinking water between the meals helps control the appetite for a few minutes to half an hour. Water has plenty of health benefits such are flushing out toxins from the body, keeping you hydrated and maintaining a healthy skin.



Including spices in your diet is an effective way to control your appetite and eat less. Spices such as cayenne pepper and ginger powder are known to boost the metabolism and can help you control hunger. Research shows that cayenne pepper can boost the metabolism and helps the body burn extra calories on its own. The capsaicin compound present in cayenne pepper acts on the sensory receptors and reduce the cravings to consume sweet, salty and fat containing foods.

Ginger is another spice which helps boost the digestion and provides energy. Ginger water and ginger powder when consumed in juice or dishes stimulates the digestion and provides energy to the body. You feel more energized after consuming a ginger containing dish and don’t feel a hunger craving for another hour. So it is best to include spices in your diet to suppress the feelings of hunger.



Oats are one of the best appetite suppressant foods which make you feel fuller for long. Oats contain a high content of fiber that takes time to digest making you feel fuller for a few hours. Some people skip breakfast for losing weight fast, but they end up gaining more weight.

Breakfast is the most important meal and consuming oats in the breakfast provides a variety of benefits. It helps you feel full and control your appetite. Moreover, it cleans the digestive system because of its high fiber content.

Final thoughts

People who want to lost weight feel frequent hunger cravings. Consuming high fiber and low-calorie foods before or between the meals can help control the appetite and lose weight naturally. Moreover, the natural appetite suppressants provide many other health benefits and are free from side effects.


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