Essential oils have been found to have a very calming effect on many people. They have their own medicinal properties as well, but most of their benefits lie in their ability to soothe. That ability can be very beneficial in a yoga class.

Even doing yoga on your own can be helped through the use of essential oils. Incorporating essential oils into your yoga routine can be very beneficial to you. Because essential oils can be used to both calm people down and energize them they are wonderful for any kind of yoga you are doing.

Yoga and essential oils go together very well. They are both a relaxing and natural way to make your body healthier. Here are a few of the ways essential oils can benefit you during yoga.

1. Diffusing Essential Oils Can Help A Lot

Especially in a yoga studio, a diffuser can be very helpful. For one they make the room smell a lot better. The smell of sweat in any gym is not great and a diffuser is a great way to fix that problem without using aerosols. 

A diffuser in a room full of people can be a great way to get everyone in a similar mood to make the class go smoothly. Putting a few drops of a calming or energizing essential oil into your diffuser can set the mood for the whole yoga session. Even if you are doing yoga alone, a diffuser can help get you in the right mindset for your yoga session.

Diffusers let your oils be used for longer and help them spread through the room evenly. Because diffusers are able to carry an oil throughout the room and spread a smell and a mood to everyone it is a great way to make everyone in a yoga class feel the same emotion. 

One of the best things an oil used in a diffuser can do is spread the oil’s scent to everyone who walks through and help to relax and focus them for the yoga class they’re about to take.

2. Essential Oils Can Be Calming

Often yoga is used as a calming form of exercise. Essential oils are known for their anxiety-reducing effects. Obviously, not every oil is made for helping people relax but the number that are is fantastic.

A few of the most popular oils to reduce anxiety are lavender, bergamot, and chamomile. There are plenty of other oils that have similar relaxing benefits when inhaled. Using essential oils to help you calm down before, during, and after yoga is a great way to put yourself into the right mindset for your exercise.

Using the natural benefits of essential oils to help put you in the right mindset for yoga is a great way to help yourself relax before or after a hard day. It is difficult to relax and allow yourself to focus on yoga when you are still stressed from a hard day of work. Using essential oils to calm you down is a great way to let your brain begin to focus on yoga and relaxing.

3. Essential Oils Can Help You Focus

Just as essential oils can be used to help you relax they can also be used to help you focus. A clear mind during yoga is very important. It helps you focus on your flow and connect with what you are doing in a way that a distracted mind can not.

Just as there are essential oils for calming, there are oils for helping you focus. Many of the oils that help you stay focused smell stronger than the calming smells of flowers and tea. They are a sharper scent that keeps you focused on the room around you and what you are doing.

The most popular oils for focus are lemon, sweet orange, spearmint, and rosemary. All of those scents are sharper and are made to wake your brain up. The more citrus smells are also great for making people feel happier and more excited. 

4. They Create A Common Theme

If you are focusing on a certain form of yoga such as heart-opening or helping you sleep then there are certain oils you can use to aid you. Often essential oils give off scents that let your brain remember certain emotions. They help you connect to a feeling or a memory that allows you to focus on what you are trying to achieve.

Using flower scents such as rose, geranium, and jasmine are supposed to help you open your heart chakra. Even if you don’t believe in that you will still find yourself enjoying the smell of soft flowers while you do a heart focused yoga. Using oils that are supposed to open a certain chakra will help you feel more connected to that part of your body even if it is only a placebo.

For a calming yoga session before sleep, there are oils that can help your brain get ready to rest. This requires a gentler smell like lavender or neroli oil. A drop or two on your yoga mat or in a diffuser will help you feel ready to sleep and make your yoga session more successful.

5. Some Oils Have Cleaning Properties

Essential oils are often used to make natural cleaners smell cleaner and more pleasing. Using a few drops of lemon oil can make your whole home smell clean and fresh. The same methods can be used for a more natural way to clean your yoga mat.

Mixing water with witch hazel and a few drops of your chosen essential oil makes a great mat cleaner and helps to make your mat smell nice. It is difficult to clean the sweat smell off a well-used mat, natural oils cut through the sweat and make your mat smell much better than it probably has in a long time.

Bringing the natural scents of natural oils into even the cleaning you do after yoga keeps you in the relaxed mood you have worked hard to get. It allows you to surround yourself with a natural cleaner that also keeps your brain relaxed. There is a lot to be said for using natural cleaners and cleaning after yoga with purpose and calm energy.

To Conclude

Essential oils can be incredibly beneficial during many parts of your life. They are known for being relaxing and helping incite a certain mood. Using that resource during yoga is a great way to keep your mind in the zone you are working to build.

Utilizing a diffuser in a class or in your own home helps spread a scent that keeps everyone in the same mood. Oils can also be used to assist in calming you or helping you focus so you can achieve a more complete yoga session. Essential oils are great for helping you stay in the moment and enjoy what you are doing.

There are so many benefits to using essential oils during your yoga sessions. From everything to facilitation a mood to cleaning up after. Using essential oils to help you focus or relax will increase your experience during yoga. 

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