Destination weddings are becoming a popular alternative to the traditional, indoor ceremonies. With many couples opting for a tropical wedding, Thailand is a favored location for these outdoor weddings. More specifically, Koh Samui has been drawing a lot of attention lately from engaged couples looking for a wedding destination. As Thailand’s second-largest island, Koh Samui offers some amazing benefits. For those thinking about getting married in Koh Samui, here are five reasons to choose this beautiful island.

1. Perfect Weather

One of the most important aspects of an outdoor wedding is the weather. Nobody wants to risk having a beach wedding ruined because of inclement weather. Koh Samui receives warm and sunny weather for a majority of the year. October and November are the only months where rainfall can be seen on a regular basis. Even during these months however, it is normal to have a string of lovely days. The rest of the year provides perfect weather for a beach wedding. The evenings are warm with a light breeze and the days are comfortably hot.

2. Beauty of the Island

Many couples opt for an outdoor wedding because of the sheer beauty that nature can provide as a setting for the ceremony. Churches, courthouses, recreation centers and other traditional wedding destinations pale in comparison to the beauty of being outdoors. The island of Koh Samui delivers on this promise of beauty with gorgeous beaches, rolling hills and dense forests of palm trees. The entire island is a lush paradise covered in green fauna and pristine beaches. Couples will have trouble finding a more beautiful island on which to have their wedding.

3. Ease of Transportation

Despite being one of the largest islands in Thailand, Koh Samui is easy to navigate thanks to the area’s well-connected transportation system. With countless visitors from around the world, the island has established a reliable and extensive public transportation system. Songthaews are the most common form of transportation on the island. These vehicles are the closest thing to a bus system in Koh Samui and can either be used privately or with other passengers. Other forms of transportation include private vehicles and tour buses.

4. Activities and Things to See

No beach wedding in Thailand would be complete without a host of other attractions. After all, weddings only last for a few hours. Fortunately, Koh Samui offers visitors a host of activities and things to see. The island is famed for its variety of temples with Wat Plai Laem and Big Buddha being the most well-known. There are countless beaches along the coast of the island with some being more secluded than others. Koh Samui also offers several outdoor activities such as snorkeling, scuba-diving, rock-climbing and more. A beach wedding in Thailand doesn’t have to be limited to a ceremony.

5. Many Professional Wedding Planners

Because of the island’s beautiful weather and expansive nature, Koh Samui has become a popular destination for beach weddings. Several wedding planners and companies have been established in the area to meet this growing demand. Couples considering Koh Samui for their destination wedding will not find any shortage of wedding planners in the area. This increase in popularity has also led planners in the area to offer several different wedding packages. These options ensure that every couple can find a wedding package that meets their personal needs including budget, style and size.

Koh Samui is one of the best locations for a destination wedding in Thailand. This famous island receives phenomenal weather throughout the whole year with only a short rainy season. The pristine beaches and forests of coconut trees are an excellent backdrop for any wedding ceremony. With a well-established tourism culture, the island is well-connected with public transportation and is easy to navigate. The island also has a host of other activities from which to choose. Getting married in Koh Samui may end up being the best decision a new couples makes.

About the author: Wassana Lampech currently lives in Chiang Mai. She is a girl who loves traveling, originally from the Southern part of Thailand. You can find her Instagram here.

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