5 MYTHS that Keed People from Travelling with Kids

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Love the idea of travel but not sure about traveling with kids? My wife and I have always loved to travel. But when Monica was pregnant with our first baby our friends started telling us that our traveling days were behind us. We were excited to begin the adventure of […]


How to Get Your Kids Ready for Travel

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As adults we spend a great deal of time preparing ourselves to go on a trip. We think about and book places to stay, budget for food and expenses. We talk about fun activities we will do during our time away and think about all the excitement that we will […]


Getting to Thailand and first impressions of Bangkok

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The last few days we spent in California before departing for Thailand there was this sense of unbelief and expectation. We were really doing it. We were really going to the other side of the world. I awoke quite early the morning of our departure, and the final preparations began. By […]